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Conference Location

Euro-Par 2005 will be held in Monte de Caparica, Portugal, and hosted by the Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa

FCT Campus
E VII - conference building

Internet Access

The conference has reserved four rooms (rooms 2.2, 2.3, 3.2 and 3.3) in building E-VII having a total of 40 computers with internet access. Wi-fi (wireless 802.11 b/g) internet access is also available in E-VII for participants who bring wireless laptops, PDAs, and other similar devices.

The official conference hotel, Hotel Costa da Caparica, has a room for internet access on the ground floor (15 minutes = €2,50). There is also a phone line available in the room for modem access.

FCT Campus Map with the conference building location (E VII - Dept. "Matemática" building)

Campus photo: conference building, students residence, and public bus stops

How to reach the Conference Location

From the Airport

If you arrive by airplane, it is easier to take a taxi to go to your hotel, in particular if you are going to Costa da Caparica.

It is safer to buy the Taxi Voucher (week days from 7:00 to 21:00=26.44€ ; week days from 21:00 to 24:00 and weekends=31.72€) in the Airport Tourist Information Office, located at the arrivals lounge and open from 7:00 to 24:00.

The Taxi Voucher is a bit more expensive than if you pay directly to the Taxi driver, but it is much safer.

The Taxi Voucher is valid only when departing from the airport to anywhere (including Costa da Caparica) and from 7:00 to 24:00. The justification is that, when you buy a Taxi Voucher, a delegate from the Tourism Office will accpompain you to the taxi and register its licence plate. NOTE: You cannot buy a Taxi Voucher for the way back from Costa da Caparica to the Airport.

Phone numbers to call a Radio Taxi in Lisbon:
     (+351) 218 111 100
     (+351) 218 119 000

From Lisbon

By car

If you come from Lisbon, you must take the A2 highway to Sul. Take the first exit (to the right) after the bridge "Ponte 25 de Abril", direction Caparica. You will enter IC20 (a mais road also called "via rápida da Costa da Caparica"). Follow the IC20 and leave at the second exit, direction "Universidade" (click here to see a small map).

By public transport

If you come by bus, this area is covered by Transportes Sul do Tejo - T.S.T. company. From Lisbon you can take the bus line 153 that starts at Praça de Espanha and goes to Costa da Caparica , or the bus line 161 that starts at Praça do Areeiro. On the road IC20 there is a bus stop almost under a bridge in Casas Velhas, near the faculty campus.

If you come by train (Fertagus), you must take the rail line that starts at Roma-Areeiro and has stations at Entrecampos, Sete-Rios and Campolide, and get out at Pragal station (click here to see the fertagus network map). At Pragal you must take one of the following bus lines 124, 125, 126 or 127 all of them have a bus stop in "Monte/Universidade", at the Faculty campus entrance gate.


This map is also available in PDF

From Costa da Caparica

Using the Conference Buses

There will be conference buses each day, linking the Hotel Costa da Caparica to the conference site in the morning and returning to the hotel in the evening. These buses will stop at the entrance of the Conference building (Ed VII).

By car

You must take the IC20 to Lisboa/Setúbal until the exit "Universidade" at Casas-Velhas, you must take the road that crosses IC20 over a bridge (click here to see a small map).

By public transport

If you come by bus, this area is covered by Transportes Sul do Tejo - T.S.T. company. From Costa da Caparica you can take the bus line 153 (that goes to Praça de Espanha), 161 (to Praça do Areeiro) or 135 (to Cacilhas) but you must get out at the bus stop at Casas Velhas.You can also take the bus line 194 to Pragal (Est.), this line has a bus stop at "Monte/Universidade" just outside the Faculty campus main entrance gate.

By Taxi

It's always possible to ask in the Hotel desk to call a taxi. If you want to do it yourself, call one of the following numbers, which serve Costa da Caparica as well as Almada: (+351) 212 947 070 / (+351) 212 509 660 / (+351) 212 947 070.


  • Taxi Voucher - on sale at Airport Arrivals, it's a pre-paid transportation guaranteeing fixed taxi prices.
  • Lisbon Metro (subway)
  • Carris (Lisbon Bus Service) (in Portuguese)
    • Lisbon bus network map
  • Transporlis (multimodal information system of the metropolitan area of Lisbon)
  • Transportes Sul do Tejo (South Margin transports)
  • Transtejo (ferries linking Lisbon and the South Margin)
  • Fertagus (the bridge train)
  • Rede-expressos (national network of buses)
  • CP (Portuguese trains)
  • TAP (Portuguese airline)
  • ANA (Portuguese airports)
  • Radio Taxis (phone: (+351) 218 111 100 / (+351) 218 119 000)
  • CCaparica/Almada Taxis (phone: (+351) 212 947 070 / (+351) 212 509 660 / (+351) 212 947 070)

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